Friday, April 18, 2008

Week 24 Post-Op Update (1 day late again!)


Pam said...

congratulations to the "girls" on their new home. :-)

You're looking great!

Glo said...

Your girls look so much happier in their new packaging. I only have a few bras, but they are very good ones. I would like to suggest Dillards department store over Victoria Secrets to you next time. Dillards bras are much better quality for lower cost.

If you go Dillards try the Luminaire brand. Luminairs are a great quality, offer great support/lift, and are very most of them help with that pesky fat that tends to roll out the side and back around the bra.

Another great place to try is Zafu is a website that asks a series of questions about your bodytype, and preferences then matches you with several bra styles and brand that will flatter and work for your figure. They also do jeans and pants. I always get compliments when wearing picks, especially the jeans.

Oh, and has a terrific article on bra find good bras. Sorry, this post was so long, as a person who needs the extra support bras are very important to me.

Lottie said...

Wow, Amelia. I have just found your blog and am absolutely inspired by your blog. I am having the gastric bypass in 20 days and have found your blog amazing. Keep up the good work - I am hoping to blog my journey too!!

Turtle_gurl said...

OMG that is really soon!! Good Luck and keep me posted!!!