Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hello Blog world!

So, here goes. I am entering a new world. I am getting Gastric Bypass surgery and now my mind is almost constantly thinking about it. I am excited and happy and obsessed. I spend hours pouring over websites with info, I read Weight loss surgery for dummies cover to cover a few times. I went to all my pre-certification appointments and did everything I am supposed to do. I was so educated about my diet post-op that the dietitian I saw basically did not tell me anything new. She was surprised my my depth of knowledge, and I must admit so was I. I had to write a diet history. Seeing all my hard work and past triumphs and failures was sobering. I Tivo shows about Gastric Bypass surgery. Discovery Health channel has all these great shows. I watch them and get psyched up for my new life. I have made it my mission to find all the things I need post-op. I bought some baby food, tiny baby spoons, low sugar oatmeal, healthy choice cream of chicken soup, I bought small plastic containers for my small portions. I searched high and low for the protein powder I liked and found the cheapest way to get it. GNC has a great powder that tastes great, has very high protein, low sugar, low fat. They even let me try it there at the store. I found on it was 5 dollars cheaper and still is ordered through GNC. I have begun taking biotin to protect my hair. Some people lose hair due to not getting their vitamins, not eating enough protein. I am going to make it my job to make sure I do everything as good as possible. I have researched what medicines I can take when I have a cold or stuffy sinuses. I know what I can't take. I am excited about my future.


Michelle said...

Good luck to you on your new journey. I'm glad you dropped a comment. I know how you feel, a year ago I was all into research and learning and waiting for the time to come to use my new tool. It has absolutely been the best thing I've ever done in my life besides my kids. Any questions, just holler...oh and the hair, I did loose, alot is from the combination of anesthesia, food consumption and absorption, but it grows back and mine is better now than ever!!